Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Remote Home Monitoring

Summary information from Day 2: CONNECTIONS™ May 2007, hosted in Santa Clara, CA

Is the market for remote home monitoring real, or is it just niche play? This panel discusses go-to-market strategies that are working, who is buying, why, and what's next.

Brad Bridges, Assistant Vice President-Business Development, AT&T
Bill Diamond, President, Xanboo, Inc.
Andrew Hartsfield
, CEO, WiLife, Inc.
Kevin Meagher, CEO, Intamac Systems Ltd
Duane Paulson
, President, Sequel Technologies, LLC
Reza Raji, Founder and CEO, iControl Networks, Inc.
Moderator: Bill Ablondi, Director, Channel Research, Parks Associates

Specific Questions to Address:
  • Will this market gain traction with mainstream Internet users?
  • How critical is video surveillance to the service offering?
  • What are the applications that motivate consumers to buy self-monitoring systems today
  • Is security the main application, or is it pet watching or monitoring elderly family members?
  • Is monitoring the elderly the looming "killer app”? What will be the most popular applications?
  • What has been the experience of service providers in this market? With revenue possibilities seemingly low to moderate, how do providers view monitoring services?
  • Will self-monitoring services complement or displace professional security monitoring services?
  • The big security monitoring firms are not going to sit still and watch their revenue erode.
  • What will be their reaction to the activity in self-monitoring?
  • What is the best way to penetrate the vacation and second-home market?

The panelists in this session had a wide-ranging discussion on the market opportunities for remote home monitoring and control. Not all were addressing the market in the same manner. Intamac is working with service providers, e.g., British Telecom and Bell Canada, to turn the business of security monitoring on its head. Duane Paulson a seasoned security systems executive, explained how Sequel Technologies will work with security systems installers to provide monitoring capabilities rather than forcing end users into a monthly service contract. Andrew Hartsfield said that most people are motivated by security concerns to buy a WiLife system, but once installed, the camera(s) are used for everything from watching pets while at work to keeping an eye on potential parking spaces in front of a city apartment.

Xanboo has been pursuing the home monitoring market for many years and has tweaked its systems so they can be sold on a stand-alone basis or as part of a service package, as AT&T is doing. Brad Bridges of AT&T said he was pleased with the adoption of their Home Monitor package and thought that Parks Associates’ forecast was too conservative. Reza Raji of iControl agreed, stating that his firm was on the verge of announcing several partnerships with service providers that will build consumer awareness and expand the market.

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