Thursday, August 28, 2008

Berlin Sponsor, ZiLOG provides innovative, embedded control solutions.

Parks Associates is proud to announce ZiLOG as a 2008 CONNECTIONS Europe Berlin sponsor.

Founded in 1974 by Federico Faggin, the inventor of the world's first microprocessor, ZiLOG builds semiconductor products that enable design engineers to break through the barriers to creativity and innovation in embedded design. ZiLOG is the inventor of the award-winning Z80 and Z8 microchip architectures that have been embedded in over a billion end-use devices worldwide. Companies get more innovative products to market faster because ZiLOG products and design tools help them turn their imagination into consumer appliances, remote controls, vending machines, telecommunications controllers, home automation systems, spacecraft instrumentation, industrial automation systems, and thousands of other products.

Within the five broad product segments of the semiconductor market, which includes micro-logic, other logic, memory, analog and discrete devices, ZiLOG 's products are focused primarily in the micro-logic device segment. Micro-logic devices are processor-based semiconductors that include microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors that process information, output data or control signals according to programmed instructions and various external inputs.

ZiLOG designs, manufactures and markets both general-purpose and application specific standard products (ASSPs). ASSPs are tailored for a specific application but are not proprietary to a single customer, while general-purpose products are neither application nor customer specific. Most of our products focus today on micro-logic devices used in embedded control, primarily 8--bit microcontrollers. In turn, 8-bit microcontrollers are embedded into literally hundreds of different end-use applications.

ZiLOG will also be participating on the Digital Home Customer Support: Enhancing the Experience panel on August 29th at 3:30 PM.

Parks Associates at ShowStoppers

Parks Associates Vice President of Research, Kurt Scherf attended the ShowStoppers press reception on Wednesday, August 27th in Berlin, Germany.

Read Kurt's comments here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Macrovision speaks at CONNECTIONS Berlin

Macrovision's Chief Evangelist, Richard Bullwinkle, will speak at the CONNECTIONS Europe Summit in Berlin on this Friday, August 29. Mr. Bullwinkle will participate on the Evolution of Video Devices panel scheduled to begin at 13:00 (1:00 PM) Central Europe Time.

Macrovision is focused on providing a brilliantly simple digital home entertainment experience by delivering solutions to businesses to protect, enhance and distribute digital goods to consumers across multiple channels. Macrovision’s technologies are deployed by companies in the entertainment, consumer electronics, cable and satellite, and online distribution markets to solve industry-specific challenges and bring greater value and a more robust user experience to their customers. The result of deploying Macrovision’s solutions is a simple end user experience for discovering, acquiring, managing and enjoying digital content.

Today, Macrovision provides connected middleware, metadata on music, games, movies and television programming, media recognition, interactive programming guides, and copy protection. The company also operates entertainment portals including and .

Macrovision is also an Advisory Sponsor of CONNECTIONS Europe 2008.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

F-Secure, Berlin Sponsor

Parks Associates is proud to announce F-Secure as an Advisory Sponsor for CONNECTIONS Europe 2008 in Berlin, Germany.

F-Secure Corporation protects consumers and businesses against computer viruses and other threats from the Internet and mobile networks. F-Secure’s award-winning solutions are available as a service subscription through more than 160 Internet service providers and mobile operator partners around the world, making F-Secure the global leader in this market. The solutions are also available as licensed products through thousands of resellers globally. The company aspires to be the most reliable security provider, helping to make computer and smartphone users’ connected lives safe and easy. This is substantiated by the company’s independently proven ability to respond faster to new threats than its main competitors.

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Finland, F-Secure has been listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki since 1999. The company has consistently been one of the fastest growing publicly listed companies in the industry. The latest news on real-time virus threat scenarios is available at the F-Secure Data Security Lab weblog at

Cord Stukenberg, Director, Service Provider Solutions of F-Secure will be speaking on the Customer Support panel on Friday, August 29 at 3:30 PM.

Monday, August 25, 2008 Sponsors Berlin's CONNECTIONS Europe Summit

Parks Associates proudly welcomes as a 2008 Advisory Sponsor for CONNECTIONS Europe in Berlin, Germany. provides Instant Technology Relief(r) to consumers and small businesses by resolving their PC-related problems quickly and easily. also powers premium support offerings for partners such as eircom and Office Depot, using an integrated remote service delivery system to ensure a world-class customer experience.

The company behind is SupportSoft, a leading provider of software and services that make technology work by allowing both users and analysts to detect, diagnose and correct problems at home, in the office and anywhere in between.

Anthony Rodio, Chief Operating Officer, will be speaking on the Digital Lifestyles Customer Support: Enhancing the Experience panel on August 29 at 3:30 PM. In addition, Anthony will be participating in the Retailers and Tech Support for the Digital Home session. This is a special Q & A Session regarding how tech support companies are applying lessons learned in the U.S. retail space to selling and servicing the digital home in Europe.

For more information about the company, visit

Addressing the REAL Challenges of Quality Management

Increased attention to voice quality in IP networks is directing focus on the evolving standards needed by quality initiatives. The use of quality monitoring and advanced real-time algorithms requires a standardized architecture in which quality metrics can be exchanged between endpoints and communicated to a quality monitoring agent for more comprehensive analysis. Many architectural and technological options are currently available to implement this functionality. For core carrier networks, standard quality architecture is necessary before deploying any large-scale, next-generation quality assurance system.

You might ask, what are the challenges we as an industry are facing in regards to quality management?

We experience sort of a chicken and the egg challenge as we discuss and share this IP quality management issue with vendors and service providers. Most, especially the service providers, agree that in addition to network probes and monitors, end point monitoring and management is necessary; however, we often find that operators say that equipment providers don't support such features, and conversely vendors mention that service providers don’t require such features. It is a shame for the industry because this capability, in standards based technology, does indeed exist. At TI, it is one of our goals to make the market and industry players aware of this.

Let’s talk about solutions. One of our more recent initiatives in TI's Communications Instruments and Voice group has been the promotion and development of an IP based proactive quality management, called Piqua. The premise behind this quality initiative is that any and all IP based devices both affect, and are affected by, the IP network it is connected to, due to the distributed and non-deterministic nature of IP networks. As such, Piqua is about the promotion of each IP endpoint to be enabled to provide service quality management metrics (such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) applications) as well as features for troubleshooting, diagnostics and even proactive impairment mitigation.

A significant goal around this IP services topic is to ultimately get to a state where IP devices are truly interoperable, manageable and easily configurable. This would allow for a network architecture and related eco-system such that new innovations and products can be quickly and easily deployed to be at an environment of a true converged, global IP network.

Many of the capabilities of a quality architecture that could be overlaid onto IP networks already exist today. Being based on open standards enhances the scalability of overlaid quality architecture, which is a critical feature for rapidly expanding IP networks. Moreover, quality architecture must be able to rapidly respond to ongoing conditions. Interrogating endpoints in real time to determine the root cause of a fault or degraded service could initiate corrective action to mitigate the degraded conditions immediately. Mid-level points in the network would collect and manage the quality data generated at the endpoints. Of course, the deployment of such an architecture must be cost-effective, and its impact on the performance of endpoints negligible.

TI provides solutions for the full range of embedded VoIP vertical markets and maintains a majority market share in each. The key reasons behind this success include the combination of TI’s innovative history of semiconductor technology along with continued process technology improvements in DSP and IP technology that is leveraged and customized for each VoIP vertical market. In addition, TI’s robust, field proven VoIP software, which combined with field proven hardware offer a complete set of optimized VoIP embedded solutions to end equipment vendors. To learn more about TI’s PIQUA offering, please visit

Submitted by Debbie Greenstreet, TI

Friday, August 22, 2008

Embracing New Connectivity Applications: Entertainment, Control, Home Networking, and Communications

Evolution in digital technologies has created new opportunities to expand core products and services beyond their original intent. Companies in the home connectivity value chain – including appliance and device manufacturers, equipment vendors, service providers, and content owners – must deliver on the promise of simple and elegant next-generation solutions to realize these mass-market opportunities. This CONNECTIONS Europe panel, which will take place on 29 August at 14:00, discusses the next steps in home connectivity and service evolution, emphasizing a futuristic vision balanced with real-world development.

Confirmed speakers for this panel include:
Jens Hofmeister, Director, Product Management, Linksys Division, Cisco; Michelle Leyden Li, General Manager, Home Control, Zilog; John Newman, VP, European Operations, Roxio Division, Sonic Solutions; Stephen Reeder, Managing Director, Europe, ActiveVideo Networks; and Steve Harvey, Director, Business Development, Global Events & Digital Health Research, Parks Associates as the moderator.

Toshiba & Neotion Sponsor CONNECTIONS Berlin

Parks Associates proudly welcomes Toshiba and Neotion as 2008 CONNECTIONS Europe Berlin sponsors.

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (TEE) is the European Headquarters for the electronic components business of Toshiba Corporation, which is the world's fourth largest semiconductor vendor according to estimates by Dataquest. Providing design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, TEE was formed in 1973 in Neuss, Germany. The company now has headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany and subsidiaries in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
TEE offers one of the industry's broadest IC and discrete product lines including high-end memory, microcontrollers, ASICs, ASSPs and display products for automotive, multimedia, consumer, telecoms and networking applications. The company also has a wide range of power semiconductor solutions.

NEOTION is the leading provider of solutions enabling consumer electronics manufacturers to integrate MPEG-4 technology into their products. Its pioneering vision of the digital world coupled with a state-of-the-art technology leads NEOTION to develop innovative and breakthrough solutions, anticipating digital home convergence. Its products enable legacy Digital TVs and decoders to be compatible with the MPEG-4 standard thus permitting VOD, IPTV and many more interactive applications.The company also addresses the requirements of the digital TV industry, primary OEM and ODM, by providing reference designs and innovative services marketed under the label “myNEOTIONBox”. NEOTION is an active member of DVB, AVC Alliance and MPEG-IF.

Toshiba and Neotion are also participating on the Evolution of Video Devices panel on 29 August at 13:00 CEST.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

CONNECTIONS™ Europe to address mobile TV and other entertainment platforms and applications

While Europe has adopted a standard for mobile TV, this move actually makes it more difficult for operators to reap the benefits of this service sector, according to a new white paper from Parks Associates.

The research firm released No Way to Regulate: Mobile TV in Europe for its upcoming CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit. This event will take place on August 28-29 at the Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin and features panels and interactive discussions on advanced entertainment platforms and emerging applications for entertainment, home networking, and communications.

This new white paper highlights the challenges European operators face as they develop and deploy mobile TV services. European regulators have adopted the DVB-H as a mobile TV standard for Europe, but the paper asserts that this approach means operators are limited in their spectrum options and often cannot leverage established network infrastructure.

This market situation threatens what is a significant service sector. Mobile TV users, while small in number, are an important consumer segment, according to Parks Associates. They are more likely to own and purchase a variety of consumer electronics, more likely to subscribe to pay TV services, and generally have a more favorable attitude toward technology. Service providers will be able to command a premium in advertising to this consumer segment.

GDL: Entertainment 2.0 in Europe, a new study by Parks Associates, will further explore consumer purchase habits and service preferences for a variety of entertainment products and services, from traditional TV to advanced online video. The study features consumer surveys and country profiles of the top European markets.

CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit will include two panels, “The Evolution of Video Devices” and “New Connectivity Applications: Entertainment, Control, Home Networking, and Communications,” focused on the new opportunities and obstacles for companies in digital entertainment.

Prior to CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit, the WirelessHD Consortium will host a pre-show workshop on August 28, followed by a reception for CONNECTIONS™ Europe attendees. The summit concludes on August 29 with a tour of the Fraunhofer Institute’s Exhibits at IFA 2008, hosted by Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CONNECTIONS Europe - Berlin Panel -- Digital Lifestyles Customer Support: Enhancing the Experience

Solutions like proactive diagnostics, reporting, and troubleshooting elements can enhance digital lifestyles support and strengthen the relationship between the customer and a service provider, retailer, or product manufacturer. However, there are efforts to extend the customer support lifecycle to areas that include pre-purchase advice, new value-added service creation, and advice regarding new products and services. This panel discusses the role of analytics, metrics, and enhanced customer support tools in building a more holistic relationship with the customer.

Confirmed speakers for this 15:30 panel on August 29 include the following:

- Gil Eyal, CEO, Enure Networks;
- Debbie Greenstreet, Director, Service Provider Strategic Marketing, Texas Instruments;
- Anthony Rodio, Chief Operating Officer,;
- Cord Stukenberg, Director, Service Provider Solutions, F-Secure; and
- Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates as the moderator.

Monday, August 18, 2008

CONNECTIONS™ Europe announces IFA 2008 tour hosted by Fraunhofer HHI Institute

Parks Associates announced today CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit will feature an exclusive tour of the Fraunhofer HHI Institute’s exhibits at IFA 2008 in Berlin.

The tour will feature networking opportunities and exclusive access to Fraunhofer’s current projects. Highlights include the Virtual Mirror, which can visualize the appearance of customized consumer articles; 3D television displays and advanced video applications; and the iPoint Presenter, the mouse of the future, which offers contact-free “multipointing” human-computer interaction by detecting and tracking a user’s fingers.

CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit will also feature the special presentation “HDTV and Beyond – Technologies for Tomorrow’s Entertainment,” from Dr. Ralf Schäfer, head of the Image Procession Department at Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute. Dr. Schäfer will discuss current and future video formats, compression technologies for HDTV, and 3D and immersive video.

The Tour, hosted by Fraunhofer HHI Institute, is available to CONNECTIONS™ Europe attendees. CONNECTIONS™ Europe features panels on visual networking and TV 2.0, video devices, smart home applications, and customer support for digital-lifestyle solutions. The WirelessHD Consortium will host a pre-show workshop on August 28, followed by a reception for CONNECTIONS™ Europe attendees.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Speaker Interview with Stephen Reeder, Managing Director, Europe, ActiveVideo Networks

What is your company's newest initiative?

ActiveVideo Networks's continued focus on web infused television is keeping us at the forefront of media evolution. Today, we're most active in the field of improving the way in which Web content can make the transition to television with a particular focus on enabling its delivery and monetisation.

Over the past few months we've added to our original model of partnerships with service providers with an expanded strategy of delivering ActiveVideo Channels to any Web-connected device. As a result, traditional and Web programmers and advertisers can create content once for ubiquitous delivery to Web-connected TVs, Blu-Ray players, video game consoles and other devices, as well as cable and IPTV set-top boxes. We've also begun to work with the advertising community to develop and deploy targeted, actionable advertising and sponsorship opportunities that leverage the capabilities of the ActiveVideo platform using the same "create once, deploy everywhere"philosophy.

What is your company's biggest challenge?

Like many market-changing solutions, our biggest challenge has been cutting through the pre-conceived notions of our various customer audiences. The concept of Web video on television with no new CE equipment is quite different from the conventional wisdom in a market that talks about DVRs, AppleTV and other devices. But as our customers have grasped how server-side interactivity can significantly increase their ability to keep viewers at the television,, and boosted by brand names as Fox, CNN, HSN and Reuters, we've built tremendous momentum that has helped us get over that hurdle.

What are your company's long term goals?

What's most important for us is that the technical fragmentation that has hindered the growth of television-based interactivity for so many years be eliminated so the market can grow. The best example of what we're seeking to achieve is on the Web: While some sites are optimized for specific browsers, there are no restrictions on Web surfing as a result of the make and model of the PC you're using. We believe that bringing a similarly ubiquitous content delivery policy to the television-based interactivity would help the media industry and consumers in general, which in turn would be good for ActiveVideo Networks.

What is your company's most successful product/service?

Our primary focus is ActiveVideo, a platform that infuses TV with Web content and interactivity via existing cable and IPTV set-top boxes or any Web-connected CE device. ActiveVideo allows television viewing to be shaped by a wide range of entities, including traditional and Web-based programmers, local cable affiliates, consumer electronics companies, advertisers, social networks and even the audience itself.

Using standard remote controls, ActiveVideo viewers can immerse themselves in and navigate through an engaging experience that combines Web video, casual gaming, Web 2.0 functionality and traditional television -- all delivered with the quality, reliability and immediacy viewers expect from TV.

Recently gathered usage data suggests that, through ActiveVideo, interactive television applications can draw audiences equivalent to those of the most popular TV shows making monetisation through advertising a relatively straightforward task.

What do you perceive as your company's greatest strength?

Our most important strengths are the capabilities, the scalability and the proven nature of our platform. ActiveVideo Networks has been a leader in network-based interactive technology for more than 10 years, and has created a solution that is highly efficient, extremely robust and easily integrated into the workflows or architectures of service providers, CE manufacturers, programmers and advertisers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Innovation Lab in Denmark Supports CONNECTIONS EUROPE

In the course of the last six years, Innovation Lab has established an international network comprising close to 2500 connections within worldwide research, product development and entrepreneurship. This network operates as an "antenna association" providing a broad perspective of the scope of emerging technologies, of their potential, and of who has advanced the furthest and with what.

Such an overview supplies Innovation Lab with a quite precise impression of what will be stirring in 3-5 years which is the time span right now on the drawing boards of research and development departments.

Cisco Sponsors CONNECTIONS Europe

As an advisory sponsor, Cisco will be supporting this year's CONNECTIONS Europe in Berlin.

Cisco enables people to make powerful connections-whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create the Internet solutions that make networks possible-providing easy access to information anywhere, at any time.

The emergence of the network as a platform is changing the entire value chain of technology and placing the network squarely at the center of innovation: as many as 14 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2010. The explosion of devices will be fueled by more and more services and tasks being handled online, from phone calls to personalized searches to downloading videos, games and other forms of entertainment.

The role of the network is evolving beyond that of infrastructure. It is emerging as a secure platform for delivering the customized and personalized experience that 21st century users expect - whether that means delivering new services as a carrier, boosting productivity for businesses of any size or consumers looking for real-time, personalized entertainment and services.

As an increasingly intelligent network evolves into a platform, users will be able to communicate from any device and in whatever mode they choose.

Fernando Gil de Bernabé, Managing Director, Strategy and Consumer, IBSG of Cisco will speaking on the Visual Networking panel. In addition, Jens Hofmeister, Director, Product Management, Linksys Division of Cisco will be speaking on the Embracing New Connectivity Applications: Entertainment, Control, Home Networking, and Communications panel.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Consumers to spend billions on Internet Video Services by 2013

TV-based Internet video receivers and connected consumer electronics platforms will drive transactional revenues for premium Internet video services past $6 billion --

U.S. consumers will spend over $6 billion for Internet video services by 2013, with direct-to-TV videos accounting for 75% of that revenue, according to Parks Associates’ Internet Video: Direct-to-Consumer Services (Second Edition).

This new report finds that greater ownership of connected game consoles, networked TVs, and alternative video-on-demand set-top receivers is generating significant growth in user-paid revenues.Future areas to watch include ad-supported movie streams, new targeted advertising approaches, and Hollywood’s efforts to offer more electronically distributed content through download-to-burn kiosks and other manufacturing-on-demand outlets.

Internet Video: Direct-to-Consumer Services (Second Edition) examines the business of premium Internet video delivery and includes the latest primary consumer research on Internet video consumption and interest in new Internet video services and products.

Parks Associates will present on Internet video and other digital-lifestyle topics at CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit, August 29, in Berlin.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Visual Networking: The Evolution of Social Networks @ CONNECTIONS Europe - Berlin

Social networking has seen huge growth in a relatively short space of time. Originating with text-to-text networking only, we are now seeing increases in video networking as an evolved means of social communications. On August 29 at the CONNECTIONS Europe Summit in Berlin, the Visual Networking panel will explore the evolution of video and communications services and analyzes the business opportunities and threats caused by changing communication and entertainment patterns among consumers.

Confirmed panelists of this session include:
- Fernando Gil de Bernabé, Managing Director, Strategy and Consumer, IBSG, Cisco;
- Udo Biro, Senior Product Manager IPTV, Nokia Siemens Networks;
- Stefan Jenzowsky, CEO, MoreTV;
- Ashley Norris, CEO, Shiny Media; and
- Stuart Sikes, President, Parks Associates as the moderator.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Evolution of Video Services Panel at CONNECTIONS Europe

On August 29th in Berlin, Germany, Parks Associates will host a panel at the CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit called "Evolution of Video Devices." Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates will moderate this panel.

The evolution of video delivery and consumption means new opportunities for consumer electronics platforms. This panel examines the role and function of entertainment platforms, including the television, the set-top box, the game console, the home computer, portable devices, and mobile phones, with an in-depth discussion on the enabling technologies behind the evolution of these products.

Confirmed speakers include:
Richard Bullwinkle, Chief Evangelist, Macrovision;
Laurent Jabiol, CEO & Co-Founder, Neotion;
John LeMoncheck, President & CEO, WirelessHD;
Eugen Pfumfel, Principal Engineer, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH; and
Bernhard von Canstein, Director of Business Development for Europe, Qualcomm

For more information about this panel or the agenda, please visit:

Home Networking to reach 168 Million Households Worldwide in '08: CONNECTIONS Europe focuses on entertainment & multimedia services in EU markets

Rapid growth in home networking, approaching 168 million households worldwide in 2008, is laying the foundation for expansion of multimedia services internationally and especially in the European markets, according to Parks Associates.

The market research firm will host CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit on August 29, 2008, at the Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin, to discuss the implications of this market growth and share the latest findings of its Global Digital Living™ (GDL) project.

Parks Associates launched GDL in 2005 to track and analyze international adoption and consumer attitudes toward advanced digital technologies and services. The most recent survey, GDL: Entertainment 2.0 in Europe, studies the growth of entertainment services in the top European markets. The project includes country profiles and consumer surveys and examines adoption and valuation of DVDs, online video and video-on-demand, DVRs, and high-definition TV services, among other topics.

CONNECTIONS™ Europe will provide attendees with international consumer research and feature interactive discussions on advanced television services, new media and digital content, and value-added services.

Advisory sponsors for CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Cisco, Enure Networks, F-Secure Corporation, Macrovision, the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA), Neotion,, Toshiba Electronics Europe, WirelessHD, and Zilog, Inc.

The event agenda features speakers from the following companies and organizations: ActiveVideo Networks
Deutsche Telekom
Enure Networks
Home Gateway Initiative
HomePlug Powerline Alliance
Makewave AB
NEC Europe
Nokia Siemens Networks
OSGi Alliance
Shiny Media
SiBEAM, Inc.
SPiDCOM Technologies
Sonic Solutions
Texas Instruments
Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

RG's establish a critical foothold for service providers in Europe

Parks Associates will host a panel at CONNECTIONS Europe called "Residential Gateways – Devices Enabling New Services." Kurt Scherf, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates will moderate this panel.

The number of worldwide households with residential gateways facilitating broadband sharing, remote management and service provisioning, and/or value-added services will grow from 17 million in 2007 to approximately 72 million by year-end 2012. Residential gateway deployment via the France Telecom Group’s Livebox® solution (a Thomson product) has already matched – if not exceeded – deployment of the service provider-deployed home networks in the U.S. market. In a European environment characterized by regulators’ goal to allow customers to choose individual service providers for a variety of their communications and entertainment services, the residential gateway establishes a critical foothold for the service providers.

Topics of discussion at the panel at CONNECTIONS Europe include the evolution of the residential gateway in terms of new features and functionality (from converged voice to media management to storage and home controls), home networking requirements from the service provider community, and device manageability.

Hans-Joerg Kolbe, Senior Researcher, NEC Europe
Christer Larsson, CEO, OSGi Alliance / Makewave AB
Klaus Milczewsky, Senior Manager for Innovation Management, Technology Management Products & Innovation, Home Gateway Initiative / Deutsche Telekom
Frederic Onado, Vice President EMEA, HomePlug Powerline Alliance; Vice President, Marketing & Sales, SPiDCOM Technologies
Jim Wallace, Director, Emerging & Home, Segment Marketing, ARM