Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Google Opens Android Web Store

Google Inc. launched a new Web-based store for applications that run on mobile devices powered by its Android software, one of several moves by the Internet company to keep up with rival Apple Inc. in the wireless sector.

Google's new app market, available at, is aimed at letting users discover new apps more easily from their computers, as well as to see recommendations by friends and download apps to their mobile devices. That could help level the playing field with Apple, which has had an edge over Android because it allowed users to find apps and buy them through the iTunes program on their computers.

Google also said developers could create Android apps that charge users for in-app purchases of virtual goods in games, among other things—a feature already available on apps running on Apple devices. Google said developers could set prices for their apps in foreign currencies, which previously they had been unable to do.

Google's new moves come as Android overtook Nokia Corp.'s Symbian as the most widely used operating system globally in the fourth quarter, based on the number of devices shipped. Apple came in third, those studies showed.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Accedo Broadband working with Telstra to develop Live TV Apps for Connected TV

Accedo Broadband, the leading provider of app stores and applications for IPTV and Connected TV is working with Telstra to develop BigPond TV applications for multiple TV and blu-ray platforms.

The applications launched in January and are delivering seven Telstra BigPond TV channels to LG and Samsung Connected TV sets and blu-ray players across Australia.

The channels include several designed for sporting fans including football, rugby league, racing, supercars, and a sports news channel. It also includes a news channel and a music channel.

The channels are being streamed using Google’s Widevine adaptive streaming technology, meaning a seamless and truly immersive experience for consumers.

Accedo and Telstra are working on a number of application projects and has previously developed an innovative Game Analyser for TV devices, which is a first of its kind on demand sporting experience. It combines full match replays with intricate game statistics of all NRL rugby matches.

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BMW sees car keys not phones as next NFC wallet

The car key is about to go head on with the mobile phone in the battle for which one will become your new wallet.

BMW believes you’ll be paying for things when out an about not with your wallet, or your phone, but with your car keys.

Mobile phone companies embrace not keys but mobile phones, following Google’s move to include NFC (Near Field Communication) support in its latest Android operating system: version 2.3.

While that means company’s like Samsung, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson are adding the functionality to their next generation of handsets already, and many more like HTC and Apple are rumoured to be doing so, BMW feels that it can get in on the action too with a connected car key and its next generation of cars.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

CONNECTIONS U.S. - Call for Papers Extended

The CONNECTIONS: The Digital Living Conference & Showcase has extended their Call for Papers until next Friday, February 11th.

The 15th annual CONNECTIONS U.S. will take place June 28-30, 2011, in Santa Clara.
This event hosts 700+ executives, highlights consumer and industry research from Parks Associates, showcases key players and new technologies, and delivers insight and recommendations for new business models and opportunities.

We are accepting submissions on the following topics:

*** Entertainment Platforms & Value-Added Services ***
-- Customer and Technical Support
-- Service and Device Management
-- Set-top Boxes and Residential Gateways
-- Applications as Drivers
-- Broadband Value-added Services
-- New Roles and Functions for Devices
-- Virtualized Services and Applications/Software
-- Digital Music “Cloud Locker” Services
-- Internet TV Services
-- Video on Demand

*** Mobile ***
-- Mobile Entertainment
-- Encoders and Content Management for Mobile Video
-- Mobile Internet Devices
-- Smartphones
-- Web Devices and the Cloud
-- Convergence in Voice Services: FMC/Femotcell/Voice beyond Commodity

*** New Media and Digital Content ***
-- Social Media
-- Content Management: DRM
-- Emerging Business Models for Digital Media Monetization
-- TV Advertising Technologies
-- Contextual and Behavioral Ad Targeting
-- Online Video
-- Publishing Content for Three Screens
-- Cloud Encoding
-- Content Storage

*** Consumer Electronics ***
-- Connected TVs
-- 3D TV
-- Home Networking Requirements
-- Gaming
-- Game Consoles
-- Retail Experience
-- User Interfaces
-- Shifting Content

*** Home Systems & Controls ***
-- Home Area Network
-- Service Providers - Home Management and Controls
-- Appliances & Smarter Energy Management
-- Wireless and Powerline Controls
-- Entertainment Networks & High-end Media Servers

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