Friday, September 21, 2007

CONNECTIONS™ Europe Keynotes

CONNECTIONS™ Europe is proud to introduce Andreas Mueller-Schubert from Microsoft TV, as a keynote speaker at CONNECTIONS™ Europe.

Andreas Mueller-Schubert, General Manager, Global Solutions, Microsoft TV, Microsoft Corporation

Andreas Mueller-Schubert brings more than 12 years of telecommunications experience to his current role as General Manager of Global Solutions at Microsoft Corporation’s Microsoft TV division. In this position, Mr. Mueller-Schubert is responsible for the deployment of all worldwide customer projects using Microsoft’s TV solutions platform. He is responsible for directing approximately 170 solution experts worldwide and for managing Microsoft TV’s internal and external system integrator partners within their customer deployment sector.

Prior to joining Microsoft TV at the end of 2006, Mr. Mueller-Schubert served in several senior management positions within Siemens’ telecommunications division in Germany and Canada. He is most notably recognized for initiating the Siemens’ telecommunication business in Canada.

Andreas Mueller-Schubert holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering as well as a bachelor of business degree in business administration. He is an active member of VDI Germany, VDE Germany, and the Society of Industry Leaders for Vista Research in New York.

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