Tuesday, April 13, 2010

55% of TVs to Be Internet-Connected by 2013

In a recent study, the internet surpassed TV as the “most essential” medium.

By 2013, 55% of all TV models shipped by manufacturers will have a built-in web connection, says Steve Koenig, director of the Consumer Electronics Association.

The internet-connected TVs will not require separate boxes, software or setup. Only 18% of TVs shipped from manufacturers have built-in web connections today.

Partnerships have been developed...Google is in a partnership with Sony and Intel to make televisions act more like PCs, allowing users to access any site they want. In addition, Intel is working with some of the big names in the industry to get its processors into internet-connected TVs. Samsung is working on its own applications platform. Yahoo has built a user interface for internet TV that displays widgets for weather, news, shopping and social networking which run across the bottom of the screen.

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