Monday, September 13, 2010

Philips Home Control celebrates 1 billionth milestone in remote control production

Philips Home Control is proud to announce it has now produced 1 billion remote controls since manufacturing commenced in 1991. This achievement underscores Philips' leadership position in remote control production for OEM customers worldwide.

Philips has pioneered remote control technology, having played a key role in the development of industry standards such as RC5, RC6, RCMM and recently ZigBeeRF4CE, providing for an extensive portfolio of features and solutions that improve the performance, ease-of-use and functionality of remote controls. Over the years, Home Control has expanded to provide both standard and customized wireless input and control solutions for major electronics manufacturers worldwide.

As one of its founding members, Philips brought deep market and application knowledge combined with technology experience into the RF4CE consortium. Being a co-founder of this major breakthrough technology ensures that Philips is the perfect partner to guide OEM‟s when deciding to switch to RF.

And as interaction with TV & STB's is needed more than ever, text input solutions are omnipresent, offering unprecedented ease of use. With smart solutions such as a dual face keyboard, Philips shows sophistication & technology can coincide perfectly.

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