Friday, June 1, 2007

Connectivity Changes Everything

Thanks for the invite to contribute to the private blog: CONNECTIONS

I am Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner of is an on line magazine and web resource providing the news, as well as connection to the exciting and rapidly evolving industry that automates large buildings. We have become the industries B2B web site providing connection for all new and existing automated building industry stakeholders.

We are a media sponsor of the connection events but my message to the blog is that our June issue is all about connectivity in the large building automation space.

Our last two issues of have focused on change in our industry; this change is being driven by the powerful ever evolving connectivity. This new found substance "connectivity" is no longer a concept; it is a reality that is changing how we work and what our industry will look like in the near future. Connectivity concepts such as the smart grid, the greening of buildings with better connections to everything, coupled with connections to powerful web services plus the notion of Buildings 2.0 are all creating several new directions and markets for our industry. This requires that we all re-examine our core business models and make adjustments for connectivity. Our June issue gives you a peek at how connectivity changes everything as our authors talk about aspects of this new virtual substance that you may not of even thought about.

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Thanks for reading! Looking foward to the several connection events

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