Thursday, October 16, 2008

CONNECTIONS™ to focus on new opportunities and growth in broadband services, PC penetration, data networks, and new media

CONNECTIONS™: The Digital Living Conference and Showcase, the thirteenth-annual conference focuses on four primary tracks, correlated to Parks Associates’ research: Home Systems, Communications & Entertainment Services, New Media & Digital Content, and Consumer Electronics.

The event also features sessions highlighting Parks Associates’ consumer research and topics on the expanding vision of the digital lifestyle.

Parks Associates forecasts multiple sectors will prosper in the coming years:
- U.S. revenues for wireless and powerline controls will exceed $3 billion in 2012
- Service and hardware revenues will contribute $1.8 billion to the U.S. eldercare industry by 2013
- U.S. consumers will spend over $6 billion for Internet video services by 2013
- 68 million households worldwide will have home networking applications by the end of 2008

CONNECTIONS™ focuses on the solutions fundamental to the digital lifestyle and offers specialized tracks that examine the emerging opportunities as these solutions evolve.

CONNECTIONS™, hosted by Parks Associates with support from CEA®, is the premier executive event focused on the market developments and growth factors for advanced digital lifestyle solutions.

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