Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Control4 Announces New Line of Home Energy Manager Products at Distributech

Control4 Corporation, a leader in affordable IP-based control and entertainment systems, announced a new line of Home Energy Manager products that will use the Control4® Operating System to provide a platform for consumers to connect their home to the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) being developed by the major utility companies worldwide.

Control4 is among the first companies to announce a complete solution for the home area network. The Control4® platform will provide programmable thermostat control, load disconnect measurement and control, and allow consumers the flexibility to add lighting control, pool/spa control, sprinkler control, and other features to their control system.

The Control4® Home Energy Manager will provide the utility industry with a practical, reliable and affordable platform for the home. Control4 is among the first companies to offer all of the critical pieces of technology for the home environment including a Home Area Network, an In-Home Display and a Smart Thermostat. The Control4® platform will let utility companies offer customers an intuitive interface that integrates usage analytics with software and hardware solutions for the home and that complements the utility’s load management software. Homeowners enjoy real-time information retrieval regarding their energy usage, greater energy savings and more control over their energy consumption.

The Control4® platform is based on standard technologies such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Ethernet to facilitate interoperability and integration between the Control4 platform and leading consumer electronic systems in the home, including temperature control, smart lighting, security, home theater, audio and video applications.

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