Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Current Economy: Opportunities in customer support

Things are tough for broadband service providers. They face slower subscriber growth and increased competition. At the same time, their costs for supporting home networks could total hundreds of millions of dollars annually. But — to borrow a cliché — when one door closes, another opens.

Changes in consumer spending are reducing dollars spent on entertainment outside of the home, but with people staying inside for their entertainment, they develop a greater dependence on at-home services. This greater level of dependence opens new areas for growth in customer support, self-diagnostic, and troubleshooting solutions. These opportunities could benefit a diverse batch of players, from broadband, communications, and entertainment providers to retailers and CE manufacturers.

CONNECTIONS™ features the track Support & Management for its 2009 events. The sessions in this track will address, among other topics, how service providers can implement remote support capabilities and turn customer support from a liability into an opportunity – and a service differentiator. Operators can put a renewed focus on building customer satisfaction and ultimately improving subscriber retention, all of which fits nicely with their new strategies for gateway-supported advanced services.

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