Friday, March 27, 2009

CONNECTIONS welcomes new sponsor DiiVA

Parks Associates is proud to welcome DiiVA as a new CONNECTIONS(TM) Silver Level Sponsor.

DiiVA technology combines a reliable, high-speed, bi-directional data channel with an uncompressed video and audio channel. Whereas point-to-point interfaces such as USB and HDMI only contain a Physical and Link layer, the DiiVA standard combines the Physical and Link layers with an additional Networking and Transport layers to make DiiVA devices network capable for use in a personal domain. For end-users this means that a single DiiVA port is capable of connecting and controlling multiple devices on the network. Digital TVs and other CE devices connected using DiiVA connections can offer user-friendly interactive interfaces for consumers who make their choices based on the content rather than connection. Today content is tied to a device like music to an iPod® and movies to a DVD. With DiiVA—which enables a secure home network and a personal domain—content between devices like a TV, phone or PC within the home network can be securely shared.

The name of the DiiVA specification was recently changed from DIVA (Digital Interface for Video & Audio) to DiiVA (Digital Interactive Interface for Video & Audio) to emphasize the interactive aspects of the technology.

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