Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting CE Connected

There are two types of media use cases driving the digital/connected home concept, where multiple devices access rich media from a variety of sources. In both scenarios, the value of connected consumer electronics (CE) will increase as they evolve into media receivers that can discover, aggregate, access, and display media.

The two scenarios for connected CE are the media server, where connected CE devices access content stored on computers and other storage devices inside the home, and the cloud media concept, where connected CE devices link to access services – television, broadband, etc. – to receive streaming and on-demand content from outside of the home.

The Media Server Concept offers solutions to consumers as they acquire large collections of media, both personal and professional, and seek the best means to backup and distribute this content.

The Cloud Media Concept is less centralized. Consumer electronics receive premium content and application services from access networks. These services include entertainment, communications, and media from closed networks (cable, satellite, IPTV) and the so-called “over-the-top” services riding on top of the open Internet.

The CONNECTIONS™ Europe session How Consumer Electronics Get Connected will discuss both scenarios, how they are likely to influence design and sales of other CE and services, and how they evolve together within the home.

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