Friday, January 8, 2010

ActiveVideo Networks Continues CloudTV Growth:

ActiveVideo Networks™, the global leader in cloud-based interactive television solutions, has expanded its relationship with TAG Networks to extend enhanced-gaming experiences to broadband-connected CE devices.

The CE integration builds on the existing cable partnership between TAG Networks and ActiveVideo, as well as on recent milestones by both companies: TAG Networks recently announced that it established an industry record for streaming games density and scalability by supporting 2,000 concurrent MPEG game streams at 1.25Mbps with a single off-the-shelf 1RU dual quad-core server, while ActiveVideo successfully demonstrated the integration of the ActiveVideo client with Blu-ray Disc middleware developed by Videon Central, Inc. at the Intel Developer Forum.

As the market leader for games-on-demand to the cable television and IPTV industries, TAG is specifically designed to meet operational concerns, including limitations of headend space, power, air conditioning and bandwidth; while reducing environmental impact and running costs with mass reach and ease of deployment to all digital cable/IPTV households.

The agreement is the second to be announced at CES by ActiveVideo, which currently is in nearly 5 million homes with leading cable and IPTV providers. Additional deployments and trials are slated over the next 12 months.

ActiveVideo immerses viewers in an engaging experience that combines Web video, Web 2.0 functionality and traditional television. ActiveVideo uses intelligent MPEG streaming to deliver the Web 2.0 experience to a worldwide television audience through both legacy and next-generation digital set-top boxes and broadband-connected devices.

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