Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zenverge Showcases Industry's First Whole-home, Multi-screen DVR Implementation with RemoteGUIDE at Connections 2010

Zenverge, a leading developer of advanced media ICs, announced it will demonstrate the industry's first multi-room, multi-screen DVR implementation with a remote user interface at the Connections 2010 conference. Now shipping to qualified customers worldwide, Zenverge's current generation ICs use advanced, patent-pending algorithms and a highly optimized pipeline to deliver unprecedented media processing capabilities in a highly compact, power-efficient, and cost-effective footprint. The demos at Connections 2010 will showcase the industry's highest performance and highest density transcoding capabilities, as well as Zenverge's RemoteGUIDE capability to transport user interface and metadata to multiple displays. RemoteGUIDE uniquely allows operators to construct and distribute a rich user interface for multiple displays from a single server or gateway device without putting any additional burden on the home network while supporting the installed base of networked displays, thus significantly reducing the overall cost of deploying whole-home DVR.

In addition to demonstrating at the conference, Zenverge's CEO Amir Mobini will also be participating in a panel entitled "Future of the Set top box". For more information about this panel, click here.

Founded in 2005, Zenverge is a fabless semiconductor company devoted to accelerating consumer access to next generation digital content and services. The company is a leading developer of Advanced Media ICs built around the patented ZEN architecture, a core technology for next generation digital media devices. The company is based in Cupertino, California. For more information please click here.

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