Monday, June 1, 2009

Interview with Lior Weiss, VP Marketing, Celeno

Celeno's Vice President of Marketing for Celeno responds to our interview questions...

What is your company's/division's newest initiative?
Celeno has announced today a strategic partnership with Ralink technology, one of the leaders in the WLAN semiconductors business. This partnership will enable Celeno to become a one-stop shop for its customers looking for an end to end video over Wi-Fi solution. Celeno also continues to push forward its latest initiative and provides the CL1300 to the Consumer Electronics (CE) space for wireless HDMI applications.

What is your company's biggest challenge?
Celeno has demonstrated that Video over Wi-Fi distribution is quiet challenging and requires special implementation at the silicon level. Celeno's OpimizAIR(TM) technology meets the challenge with cross-layer optimization at all levels: Antennas, silicon PHY and special MAC algorithms. Moreover, some far-sighted service providers and OEM's are already concerned about overbooking of the 5GHz spectrum - Celeno is working extensively with them to demonstrate techniques to overcome those concerns.

What are your company's long term goals?
Celeno is currently busy to secure a tier one service provider deployment at both North America and Europe as well as landing a meaningful design win with a CE OEM. We are aiming to become leaders at the WLAN semiconductors space for multimedia and video applications.

What is your company's most successful product/service?
The Celeno CL1300 is a Wi-Fi MAC/PHY baseband semiconductor aimed at optimized Video over Wi-Fi solutions. It gives Service providers and CE OEM's a carrier-grade solution with the right combination of throughput, range and robustness for wire-like quality of experience for multiple HD streams. The CL1300 becomes the corner stone for products that handle such applications and use cases as IPTV home distribution, DLNA multimedia devices, Wireless TV sets, Media centers, etc.

What do you perceive as your company's greatest strength?
Celeno has mastered the art of phased array beam forming MIMO
techniques. This technology which is optimized for video distribution
(compared to the plain vanilla Spatial multiplexing MIMO) excels
performance in rich multipath home environment and helps to achieve
whole home coverage for multi-room use cases. Moreover, Celeno has a
novel implementation of Implicit beam forming that enables this
technology without any protocol collaboration with the client device,
hence easing off interoperability and making the technology deployable
today. Moreover, it allows OEM's and manufactures to mix and match AP
WiFi chipset and client WiFi chipsets enhancing flexibility and price

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