Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ViaCube Sponsors CONNECTIONS 2009

CONNECTIONS Conference welcomes ViaCube as a 2009 Emerging Technologies Pavilion Sponsor.

ViaCube is a global technology development company committed to delivering innovation. Our teams are comprised of people from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds - people who are passionate, driven and competitive, who are able to challenge conventional thought, offer unique perspectives and generate innovative ideas. The result is a portfolio of innovative Internet related products and suite of software and hardware applications designed to increase productivity and enhance the human experience.

The emergence of the true 24x7 global economy has put an increasing spotlight on the need for personal and professional productivity and communication tools. The increased mobility of people and dramatically reduced barriers for conducting business on a global scale has transformed the traditional structure of businesses and families alike, making the demand for convenient, powerful data and communication management tools greater than ever before. Committed to delivering innovation, ViaCube provides industry leading products to help our customers increase productivity and efficiency so that they can remain focused on running their business, managing their organization, leading their household and enjoying their lives.

For more information about ViaCube, visit www.viacube.com .

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