Friday, November 27, 2009

ShopSavvy Finally Comes To The iPhone

ShopSavvy, one of the popular Android applications, is finally available for the iPhone.

Developed by Dallas based Big In Japan, ShopSavvy is an app that allows you to use your device as a portable barcode scanner. A shopper can point his/her phone’s camera at any barcode and it will read it, do a product look up, and give product information, as well as, online or at nearby stores including pricing.

Do retailers hate this? Not at all. Retailers have actually been working with ShopSavvy to come up with ways to allow shoppers to make buying in their stores even easier. All of this information is on the Internet, now ShopSavvy just gives you easy access to it.

With the iPhone 3GS's auto-focus camera, the iPhone now had the ability to scan barcodes. ShopSavvy is available for free in the App Store.

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