Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Consumers Increasingly Interested in Paid Tech Support Options

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Support.com recently completed an online survey of U.S. broadband-connected consumers and found that an increasing number of consumers have purchased or have expressed a strong interest in using a paid tech support service when faced with a difficult technology problem.

The Sept 2009 research found that 28% of U.S. broadband-connected consumers have paid for a computer tech support service (online / over the phone, in a store or in-home). Of the 72% that haven't yet paid for tech support, 44% indicated they "would considering paying for a computer tech support service when faced with a computer problem" they couldn't solve themselves. Both results - purchases and consideration - have increased over the past few years. Repeat purchase rate is also up - 53% of consumers who have paid for a service have done so more than once (vs. 45% in Oct 2006).

"My computer was infected with a virus or spyware" remains the most common problem with a long tail of slow computer and application-related problems following. Not surprisingly, consumers who have considered paid tech support were much more likely to have experienced a computer problem they couldn't solve themselves.

The majority of paid services (52%) are provided by thousands of local computer repair shops and independent technicians across the U.S., but this is down from 63% (Oct 2006) as retailers, service providers and standalone premium technology support companies have entered the market.

The Support.com online survey was fielded to 2,204 broadband-connected consumers, age 30+ during Sept 24-27, 2009.

For a copy of the research email James Morehead (morehead@support.com) - VP Product Management, Support.com. Please include your name, title, company and phone number with your request.

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