Wednesday, March 9, 2011

HCL Launches ACETM SmartCare(c) Solution

HCL Technologies Ltd., is a leading global IT services provider. Recently, HCL launched ACTIVE CARE EXCELLENCE (ACE) SmartCare Clinical Decision Support solution.

ACE SmartCare is a patient-centered, real-time care management solution. This treatment dramatically improves patient care as soon as patients arrive at the hospital. This vehicle of care is provided through automated, continuous clinical surveillance and care measures delivered via alerts to physicians. This efficient delivery system of care and compliance also results in significant savings for health care provider organizations.

SmartCare is an extremely customizable mobile device-enabled solution, which features unified messaging through voice, data alerts and notifications, across clinical environments. SmartCare provides the ability to plug in to an EMR clinical IT system, which decreases the Providers' delivery time to their patients.

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