Monday, December 1, 2008

CONNECTIONS Sponsor, ProVision Communications unveils in-home wireless video division

ProVision Communications, the Bristol, UK based specialists in video over wireless technology, has announced the establishment of its new division focused on consumer products delivering HD video over wireless throughout the home. To support the division, Ian Walsh has been appointed as VP of business development.

ProVision Communications, a wireless and HD video company, have been delivering innovative products to leading broadcast operators and set top box manufacturers including Thomson, Pace, the BBC, and BSkyB since 2001. Recent developments have included real time video transmission over Wi-Fi to portable devices at outside broadcasting events, along with HD and wireless innovations for set top boxes and media home gateways.

ProVision’s expertise lies in its end-to-end understanding of wireless networks and video systems: this includes MPEG4/H.264 Advanced Video Codecs, radio propagation, antenna design, wireless networking, and reliable interoperation between HD video and wireless standards. ProVision is now strongly placed to deliver its world-leading HD video networking products and technologies to cable and satellite TV operators.

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