Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Internet Movie Service Expands to Web Videos

The Internet movie service, Vudu, uses a set-top box to deliver on-demand movies and TV shows to TV sets, is now expanding to include free videos available on the Web.

Vudu RIA (Rich Internet Application), new software which allows users to search and view free Web videos from sites such as YouTube. Currently, the applications under Vudu RIA are only available through the Vudu set-top.

Vudu plans to release a software kit in early '09 to enable outside developers to create third-party applications for this service.

Will Vudu benefit more from selling a retail box for $299 or creating partnerships to be included with cable set-top boxes and televisions?

To view more information, please visit Glen Dickson's article on Broadcasting & Cable.

Vudu is a past speaker of the CONNECTIONS Conference. Last Summer, Patrick Cosson, VP of Marketing spoke on the "BROADBAND VIDEO: Millions Watch but Nobody Pays?" panel at CONNECTIONS 2008 in Santa Clara, California, USA.

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