Friday, December 12, 2008

How to Deliver Household Wide Wireless HDTV: ProVision Joins Parks Associates’ Signature CES Debate

According to Professor Andrew Nix, the next generation Wi-Fi technology, 802.11n, “is the only standard capable of cost-effectively transmitting interactive wireless HD video across all rooms within a home.”

The co-founder of ProVision Communications will argue this as part of the signature panel debate on wireless networking by analyst firm, Parks Associates, at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

ProVision, the Bristol, UK based specialists in video over wireless technology, will join Pulse~LINK, SiBEAM and AMIMON, backing the HDMI, Wireless HD and WHDI standards respectively.

In November, ProVision announced a new division to commercialise the company’s vast expertise in wireless video. The company will also be demonstrating its technology to key audiences at CES.

ProVision’s CEO, David Sykes commented that the inclusion in Parks Associates’ signature CES panel was testament to the strength of ProVision’s wireless expertise. He also stated that getting wireless HDTV right is more than just choosing a standard and connecting products together, “ProVision has expertise across all aspects of wireless video and it is this that will ensure success in the market. With the right standards adopted wireless HDTV products will rapidly become commonplace in people’s homes.”

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