Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mobile Internet Devices

There were over 3.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide by the end of 2008. Within this population is growing interest in convergence features – in particular, a niche of users want to reach back into their homes to retrieve the stored media on their PCs and receive the same signals going to their TVs.

CONNECTIONS™ notes that consumers will increasingly use their mobile phones as personal gateways for information, services, and community connections. In addition, consumers will align their mobile devices with other entertainment and communication devices (such as TVs, computers, and fixed-line phones) to fit their individual needs.

This adaptability makes the mobile phone an integral part of the three-screen strategy (computer, TV, and mobile phone) and quad-play service portfolios. To accommodate device and usage convergence, carriers around the world must collapse the walls around their wireline and wireless service units by forming partnerships, making acquisitions, and investing in new technologies.

Multimedia on Mobile Devices, part of the Content & Services track at CONNECTIONS™, will address how consumers acquire and consume multimedia content on their mobile phones. This question will keep mobile carriers, CE device makers, and application developers busy for the next decade as they build business models and form partnerships around these emerging mobile multimedia applications.

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