Monday, August 17, 2009

Improved Wireless Technology Lets Users Connect a Notebook or Desktop Computer to Faster Wireless Network

D-Link Introduces Wireless 150 Home Networking Based on 802.11N Technology for Affordable High-Speed Internet and File Sharing...

D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for consumer and business, is now shipping a Wireless 150 Router and USB Adapter based on Draft 802.11n technology. D-Link® Wireless 150 home networking greatly improves the speed of wireless signals up to four times faster than standard 802.11g, offering better reception and expanded coverage for sharing high-speed Internet, files and printers.

The D-Link Wireless 150 Router (DIR-600) is an ideal solution for affordably connecting multiple computers over a secure Wi-Fi network. When paired with the D-Link® Wireless 150 USB Adapter (DWA-125), users can easily connect a notebook or desktop computer to the wireless network with an available USB port for sharing Internet access and more.

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