Monday, August 3, 2009

TANDBERG Employees Use Video Conferencing to Work from Home in Observance of Virginia’s “Statewide Telework Day”

Almost two metric tons of carbon emissions saved and 100 hours of increased productivity realized in just one day

Today, about half (75) of TANDBERG’s Virginia-based employees observed Virginia’s “Statewide Telework Day” by working from home, eliminating almost two metric tons of carbon emissions and saving almost 100 hours of productivity by not sitting in traffic.

In his proclamation of Statewide Telework Day, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine called upon state agencies and employers to explore ways to lessen environmental impact, such as reducing travel associated with in-person meetings through the use of video conferences and teleworking.

TANDBERG fully embraces its own video conferencing and telepresence technology to support its telework program by providing employees with video conferencing systems in the office, their homes and on their laptops. That way, no matter whether they need to work from the road or home, they can always meet face-to-face with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Visual communications is paying off for TANDBERG, where in the last year its global employees have on average made 75,000 video calls each month. Replacing unnecessary business travel with “in-person” video calls has effectively saved the company over 21,000 metric tons of carbon emissions, over $45 million, and about 38,250 productivity hours in the last year. Additionally, TANDBERG employees telework one day a week on average, effectively reducing the company’s overall environmental impact from commuting by 20%. The company also has conducted an internal audit of its carbon footprint to identify and address additional operational areas for improvement.

For more information about how video conferencing and telepresence can help enhance telework programs, please visit To view this press release, click here.

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