Friday, September 4, 2009

Rallycast Debuts as the First On-Screen HDTV Social Experience

Service Integrates Fantasy Sports from ESPN, CBS and Yahoo, Text Messaging & Facebook Status Updates on Internet-Connected HDTVs

Rallypoint, a leading software developer for Internet-connected HDTVs, launched Rallycast Fantasy Sports, the ultimate fantasy sports and social networking experience for Internet-connected high-definition televisions. Rallypoint also announced a new partnership with retail chain Best Buy to distribute Rallycast.

Rallycast’s line of TV Apps allow users to overlay personalized Internet content on their HDTV. Rallycast features a Toolbar menu system where users can access TV Apps for fantasy sports, check sports scores and stats, send text messages and post status updates on Facebook and write on friend’s walls. In the future, the company also plans to offer more TV Apps that feature Web 2.0 content from popular websites, expanded TV show content and home shopping.

Rallycast TV Apps are overlaid within the television program the user is watching, so users never have to change the channel, connect their computer to the TV, or take a laptop into the living room. Users can see multiple TV Apps at the same time.

Rallypoint and Best Buy are committed to educating consumers on the new capabilities of Internet-connected HDTVs and will use the in-store video network to display more information about the Rallycast product line.

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