Wednesday, October 7, 2009

D-Link Now Offers Terabyte of On-Board Storage With Network Storage Enclosure

D-Link, the end-to-end computer networking solutions provider for consumers and business, began selling its popular 4-Bay ShareCenter™ network attached storage (NAS) enclosure with two one-terabyte hard disk drives included.

Customers now have the option to purchase the D-Link® 4-Bay ShareCenter (DNS-343) by itself and supply their own hard drives, or with two 1TB SATA drives included as a bundle. D-Link also is now shipping the 2-Bay ShareCenter Network Storage (DNS-323) enclosure with a 1TB hard drive.

D-Link ShareCenter enclosures, with drives from major disk manufacturers pre-installed, allow users to expand storage capacity and enable securing and sharing of documents, files and digital media, such as music, photos and video across a home or office network. At the same time, the storage enclosures provide advanced technology to perform file backup and proper data recovery to prevent data loss.

Other key features include a fast Gigabit Ethernet connection, built-in FTP server for accessing files through the Internet, built-in UPnP audio visual (UPnP AV) media servers for streaming digital content to compatible media players, and RAID 1 technology for mirroring important files.

Both the DNS-323 and 343 have the ability to act as a print server by using the device's universal serial bus (USB) port. A USB printer can be added to the network without the need for a dedicated computer.

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