Friday, October 30, 2009

Wrapping it Up – Predictions for the Next Five Years, CONN EU panel

Parks Associates wraps up CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit with a recap of key findings on the last panel, Wrapping it Up – Predictions for the Next Five Years . Parks Associates provides perspectives and predictions for five key digital lifestyles markets in Europe:

  • Broadcast and entertainment services

  • Communications and broadband services

  • Home networking

  • Home monitoring and green-living technologies

  • Device management and support services

Speakers include:

Fabrizio Caffarelli
Philippe Calvet, Head of Home & Broadband Networks Standards in Orange Strategy & Development group, Orange/France Telecom; Head of Business Group & Board Member, HGI
Bill Correll
, VP, Marketing & Business Development, Eyecon Technologies
Trond Neergaard
, Founder and Managing Partner, Cloudberry Associates; Member of CTAM Europe Board
Paolo Pastorino
, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Loquendo
Stuart Sikes
, President, Parks Associates
Kurt Scherf
, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates

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