Friday, October 2, 2009

Residential Gateways & Set-top Boxes at CONNECTIONS Europe, Amsterdam

New trends such as cloud computing, green living, mobile connectivity, and hybrid Internet-TV services are reshaping the role of the set-top box. Carriers, squeezed by low subscriber revenues and the demand for more features, need a home hub that offers more capability for less capital.

The Residential Gateways & Set-top Box session at CONNECTIONS Europe explores:

* The evolution of features that home hubs will support
* Support for features such as home monitoring, energy management, and health monitoring
* Network and hardware requirements for “future-proofed” home hubs
* The role of retail-purchased consumer electronics as compatible nodes

Speakers are represented from Affinegy, OSGi Alliance, Telcordia, and Irdeto/Cloakware.

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