Friday, October 22, 2010

Content disputes mar Google TV’s launch, keep things even with Apple TV

Just as the first Google TV devices became available last week, Hulu said that it would block access to its site from Google TV-enabled devices. Now, major TV networks ABC, NBC and CBS are saying they will block access, too, at least to most of their content.

Networks don’t see enough of a payoff and don’t feel that Google is guaranteeing enough content protection. Could these blocks actually level the playing field between Google TV and Apple TV, which has been roundly criticized for its lack of content partnerships?

Apple has the most to gain in this scenario because they can at least say that it has content from ABC and Fox. Some observers of the initial Apple TV revamp announcement found the platform to be limited by a lack of content partnerships, but Google may be even more limited—at least in terms of the traditional TV content it can offer—if it doesn’t resolve these disputes.

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