Thursday, October 21, 2010

Verizon Launches Room To Learn Website

Verizon has launched its new Room to Learn social media website to help customers get full value from their digital lifestyle and the connectivity that allows them to access their digital content anywhere, anytime. As digital entertainment and connected applications continue to generate excitement for consumers, more and more of them are looking for answers about today's enabling technologies.

The Room to Learn interactive site has been developed in conjunction with Powered, a leading social media agency that is based in Austin, Texas, and that is working with the Verizon Community, the company's online hub for customer forums, blogs and idea exchange.

Room to Learn will initially focus on popular home-entertainment and home-networking topics that include introductions to digital entertainment, wireless networking, making sense of 3D TV, and organizing and backing up digital media collections. The site includes helpful tools such as online workshops, how-to articles, videos, shopping guides and check lists.

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