Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Interview with Ortiva Wireless, VP Craig Lee

Ortiva Wireless's Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Craig Lee responds to our interview questions...

What is your company's/division's newest initiative?
Ortiva Wireless will soon announce the development of a new, groundbreaking technology that will allow operators to deliver Internet video over existing and future mobile data networks using TCP. Ortiva’s approach reduces bandwidth consumption while ensuring a high quality video subscriber experience.

What is your company's biggest challenge? 

Ortiva Wireless has demonstrated that the two biggest challenges in delivering video content over wireless networks today are scalability (by reducing bandwidth consumption) and ensuring quality (reducing playback stalls). Through numerous trials and real-world deployments, Ortiva is raising awareness among operators on the techniques that improve the perceived quality of mobile video – a critical factor for ensuring its commercial success. The company is also dispelling the notion that video quality is tied to the underlying network (video in 3G can still fail), but rather related to the techniques and technology that optimize the subscriber experience.

What are your company's long-term goals? 

Deployed by tier one European mobile operator Vodafone Portugal and a tier one North American operator, Ortiva Wireless plans to grow its market share with operators across the globe, enhancing their ability to compete in the mobile video market, an opportunity that has been projected to exceed $15 billion in worldwide revenue by 2012.

What is your company's most successful product/service?
Ortiva’s patent-pending mobile Video Optimization Gateway (mVOG™) platform extends an operator’s service reach, increases network efficiency, and improves video coverage density and quality by shaping content to each subscriber’s unique network conditions. With Ortiva, operators can ensure that subscribers experience the smoothest video and clearest audio possible.

What do you perceive as your company's greatest strength?
Ortiva Wireless enables mobile operators to deliver superior quality video into the hands of more mobile viewers. The company provides the industry's only commercial solution for proactive management of mobile video, enabling mobile operators to dramatically improve quality, control, and the efficient delivery of rich media content in their current and future networks.

Craig Lee will be speaking on the Multimedia on Mobile Devices panel at 11:15 AM on Thursday, June 4th.

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