Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SupportSoft Launches Performance Manager for Targeted, Automatic PC Optimization and Repairs

Software easily speeds up computers by quickly fixing problems, including defragmenting disks, removing unwanted software and repairing registries --

SupportSoft, Inc., a provider of software and services that make technology work, announced the release of Performance Manager, its newest proactive support and “do-it-yourself” tool that automates and simplifies routine computer maintenance, so end-users’ PCs can keep running like new—even as they age.

Over time, all desktop and laptop computers naturally accumulate clutter that slows them down; exposes them to viruses, spyware and malware; and can even cause application freezes or system crashes. Like automobiles or any frequently used machine, maintenance is just as important for computers, which need regular tune-ups to run smoothly and stay in top performance.

Performance Manager leverages SupportSoft’s innovative ‘sync’, authoring, and targeting technology for computer troubleshooting and repair—allowing digital and managed service providers to personalize the solution to their customers’ unique needs. The software is built especially to work behind the scenes, carrying out periodic, non-intrusive clean-up jobs that keep a hard drive spotless. Further, it provides easy-to-follow access to routine PC fixes and updates that can enable system applications to work more efficiently.

Performance Manager effectively scans a user’s system looking for ways to improve maintenance, policy, performance, and security functions. It examines the operating system, memory and disk space, software, programs and settings, and enhances them when appropriate. Key to its ease is an intuitive wizard that recommends changes and guides end-users through update procedures. With step-by-step instructions, users can defragment a disk, add or remove programs, upgrade security settings, or schedule ongoing maintenance—all from one interface.

The self-help approach behind SupportSoft Performance Manager puts users in control of their computer settings and software applications without taking significant time or technical know-how. Users can enjoy optimized system performance that does not diminish as their computers age. Significant benefits include accelerated startups, downloads and web surfing, as well as savings on repair costs and time making service-related phone calls.

Performance Manager is now generally available as a standalone client and can be integrated with both SupportSoft Dynamic Agent and Subscriber Agent™ platforms.

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