Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Want to Stay Ahead of The Tech Curve? BluePhone Personal Tech Experts Recommend Five Hot Products

This Tech Gear Menu Keeps it Real--

Most people these days have households full of digital gadgets and machines. From computers and laptops to mp3 players, televisions and gaming systems, Americans have a penchant for staying on the front edge of personal technology.

However, technology continues to move at a dizzying pace making products faster, smaller, more integrated and more efficient. To stay ahead of the curve, take a look at these product ideas from the Personal Tech Experts at BluePhone, the online computer support company:

Mini Laptops
– With enough processing power for most any kind of everyday use, and a small enough form factor to fit into many purses, mini laptops, with screens from about seven to ten inches, are a great option for people on the go or looking for an ultra-sleek laptop computer.

Netflix / Blu-Ray Players – This January at the Consumer Electronics Show, there were several players introduced that will play Blu-Ray disks, as well as stream Netflix. This combination offers the latest and greatest of video technology with Blu-Ray, including full 1080p resolution and 7.1 surround sound.

WiFi Music Players – It used to be that people needed to download songs to their computers, connect their mp3 players, and upload the songs in order to listen to them. With one of these types of players, a song can be downloaded instantly to the device.

Extra External Storage – For people who have multiple computers or just want to be able to take their data with them, external storage is getting more compact and more powerful. Flash drives up to 64 gigabytes, also sometimes called thumb drives or key chain drives, can be easily found.

Better Printers – Recent Kodak commercials claim Americans wasted $5 billion on ink jet ink. For someone who feels they spend a lot of money on ink, they should take a look at Kodak’s modestly priced printers starting at about $100. A full ink replacement costs a slim $25 ($10 for black and $15 for a full color packet).

All of this new technology is great; that is unless there are problems getting them to work with your existing setup. Certified online technology support experts such as BluePhone will get your technologies working practically right out of the box.

Register for the BluePhone two-week free trial and enjoy full, unlimited access to BluePhone Personal Tech Experts. For additional information, visit www.bluephone.com or call 877-442-BLUE (877-442-2583).

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