Friday, July 31, 2009

Cloakware and Oracle Work to Integrate Cloakware Password Authority with Oracle Identity and Access Management

Integration Strengthens Access Rights Security with Privileged Password Management

Cloakware, the leading provider of privileged password management solutions announced that it is working with Oracle to extend their suite of Identity Management solutions with its flagship product, Password Authority. By combining these two best-in-class products, Oracle is now able to enhance their customers' security management, with a comprehensive solution to manage, protect and monitor access to vital data.

As more and more high-profile data breaches come to light, companies are realizing they need increasingly robust solutions to protect their vital data. A study conducted in January 2009 by the Identity Theft Resource Center of San Diego found that the percentage of breaches attributed to current or former employees more than doubled from 2007 to 2008. In light of findings like this, companies are struggling to balance individuals' access rights to secure information against risk and compliance requirements.

Cloakware's patented white-box cryptographic techniques ensure defense-in-depth for end-to-end security of data and keys, especially where insiders have access to the execution environment. Working with Cloakware enables Oracle to offer its customers a solution to securely store and manage privileged passwords for human administrators and runtime applications without changes to the customer's existing infrastructure.

Password Authority leverages multiple integration points into the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite, including:

- Oracle Internet Directory (OID) - Password Authority can manage the passwords for accounts held in OID as well as for service accounts that authenticate against OID.

- Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) - Password Authority ensures that password management is synchronized with roles and access rules.

- Oracle WebLogic Server - Password Authority automates the run-time replacement of current passwords in connection strings/connection pools and the management of WebLogic administrator accounts.

- Oracle Database 11g Real Application Cluster (RAC) - Password Authority makes use of the Oracle database as its secure repository for all passwords, and is capable of supporting a geographically distributed database installation. Password Authority is also capable of maintaining and releasing Oracle Database passwords to humans and applications.

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