Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HomeToys releases June/July 2009 Issue

Home Toys, a CONNECTIONS supporting media organization, released their June/July issue of Home Technology eMagazine.

Articles include:

>> Will RF4CE be the Killer App for ZigBee? - Cees Links, CEO & Founder of GreenPeak
>> Online Marketing Generates Sales - Leslie Stevens, Eclipse Marketing
>> Forget Your Title. Focus on the Job - G.A. "Andy" Marken, Marken Communications Inc
>> Choosing The Right Projector Mount - Rob Buehl, ImportAdvantage, Inc.
>> Programmable Logic Controller - Features - Eugene Kowch, P.I.D. Consultants Inc.
>> An Experiment In Home Automation in Brasil - Jose Roberto Muratori, Brazilian Home Automation Association
>> Give Your Home Office a Wireless Makeover - Courtesy of ComputerTV
>> Classic Home Toys #22 - The Rebirth of 3-D: Part 2 - James Russo

Recent interviews include:

To read these topics in depth, please click here to view this month's issue.

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