Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cloakware Opens New Research Center to Drive Security Technology Development

Cloakware, an Irdeto company, providing proven security solutions protecting software and content on more than one billion PCs, set-top boxes, mobile phones and media players worldwide, recently launched the Cloakware Advanced Research Center (CARC). Working with renowned academic institutions across the globe, the CARC will bring together world-class researchers to advance software security technology and foster innovation.

Led by Cloakware's Chief Architect and founder Yuan Xiang Gu, Chief Scientist and founder Harold Johnson, and System Architect and Team Lead Clifford Liem, as well as a team of respected experts from Cloakware and premier global universities, CARC’s research program will focus on developing advancements in software security and protection technology to address the myriad of modern day software security challenges. Beyond core research, the CARC will also issue external technical publications, and organize and promote international forums and workshops. In addition, the CARC will also offer research grants to some of the brightest minds in the industry, as part of the center’s ongoing mission to advance the science and technology of software security. Moreover, the CARC will partner with government agencies and universities to establish regular internship programs and provide an industry oriented research platform for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.

The launch of the Cloakware Advanced Research Center further demonstrates Irdeto’s commitment to R&D, as well as the importance of continued innovation to protect software and content across a variety of devices – from PCs to set-top boxes, and from mobile phones to media players.

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