Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interview with ZeeVee...

Some insight into ZeeVee...

What is your company's/division's newest initiative?
ZeeVee just launched our ZvBox on May 1. ZvBox represents a new product category called "localcasting" since it uses the home's existing coaxial wiring to transmit a new TV channel to all the HDTVs in the home. Anything you can get online or on your computer is now watchable from the comfort of your couch.

What is your company's biggest challenge?
ZeeVee will be successful if the mass market moves to adopt internet based TV and movies. Fortunately, this movement is happening on a massive scale with traditional broadcasters such as ABC, and new entrants such as Hulu and Joost, delivering high quality video content online.

What are your company's long term goals?
ZeeVee's long term goal is to become the de facto platform for connecting the universe of online and computer content and applications to the HDTVs in the home. ZvBox is the simplest and most comprehensive method for doing that so we are optimistic we can achieve this goal.

What is your company's most successful product/service?
ZvBox launched on May 1 to much acclaim. ZvBox is truly a novel approach to connecting the computer to the TVs in the home since it requires no receiving device, can deliver HD quality, uses the existing cable wiring thus eliminating wireless performance issues, has no new subscription fees, and most importantly, can deliver exactly what you see on your computer to all your HDTVs with one device. Since there are no limits to what content you can watch, anything you can get on your Computer -- iTunes, Netflix, Media Center -- you can now view on your HDTV without adding a set-top box to clutter up the living room.

What do you perceive as your company's greatest strength?
ZeeVee's greatest strength is our ZvCast technology. We have essentially taken $50,000 TV station equipment including MPEG-2 video compression and RF modulation, and allowed you to create your own in-home TV station via an affordable consumer electronics device. That was no small feat.

Their VP of Marketing, Brian Mahony will be participating at the Emerging Showcase Pavilion at CONNECTIONS(TM) on June 26th at 12:15 PM. Other confirmed participants include: Frank Paniagua, Jr., CEO & Founder, Green Plug, Inc.; Lior Weiss, VP, Marketing, Celeno Communications; and Simon Wynn, VP, Products, Devicescape Software.

He will also be speaking on the PLACE SHIFTING +CONTENT STORAGE panel held at 2:15 PM. Other confirmed speakers for this panel include: Tara Maitra, General Manager and Vice President, Content Services, TiVo, Inc.; Anil Sawe, Sr. Director, Marketing, Quartics; Hervé Utheza, VP and General Manager, TV Properties, ORB Networks; andScot Zarkiewicz, CEO, SingleClick Systems.

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