Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apple opens iOS update to developers

Apple has started notifying members of its iOS developer community that version 4.2 of the company’s mobile operating system has hit GM status.

iOS 4.2 is the next incremental update to iOS 4, Apple’s latest major version of the operating system powering iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, and now even the Apple TV(second generation).

Apple itself promised back in September that iOS 4.2 would drop sometime in November for iPhone, iPod touch and, most notably, for iPad users who will soon get a bunch of new features that only iPhone and iPod touch users have been enjoying since the initial iOS 4 launch.

Since iOS 4.2 will bring all the existing features of iOS 4.1 to the iPad, plus the new ones Apple touted during the Sept. 1 keynote, upcoming additions specifically targeting the iPad include:

- Multitasking
- Folders
- AirPlay wireless music, movie, and photo streaming
- Printing support over wireless networks
- Game Center for multiplayer and social gaming
- Unified and improved Mail inbox
- Search text within Safari
- Enhanced enterprise support
- Accessibility enhancements
- Keyboard and dictionary enhancements

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