Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The biggest challenge/obstacle for BESTv is ...

Over-the-top (OTT) and hybrid broadcast-OTT services are starting to come on the radar of many broadcasters and pay TV operators as a means for service diversification and potential new revenues. As a leading platform- and service provider for these non-linear and hybrid services, Bestv is often faced with the learning curve that the traditional broadcasters and operators have to go through to understand the implications of the new services. This learning curve can be steep, as the implications of the new broadcasting paradigm are profound and touching many areas of the business, including user experience, back-office systems, business processes, business models, and partnerships. Bestv addresses the uncertainty and facilitates rapid learning of the broadcasters and operators by allowing them to deploy Reference Solutions for new services including 3D TV, Push VOD, content recommendation and personalized advertising and by showing the business implications of each.

BESTv's strongest player in the market...

In the relatively new and unchartered waters of new non-linear television services, Bestv has been able to carve out a niche with an enabling platform that not only is most complete in the market in terms of performance, stability and features but also is the only one that is mass market deployed. The further expansion of the Bestv feature set, the underlying approved patents and the current rapid international expansion allow Bestvto consolidate this leadership position.

BESTV's greatest asset...

The rigor of our people in supporting broadcasters and pay TV operators migrate to the new television scenario and the flexibility of our solutions to support this transition.

And their mission is to to enable Premium Television for all! Thank you Giuseppe Flores d'Arcais for participating at the 2010 CONNECTIONS Europe Summit!

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