Friday, November 19, 2010

Irdeto's Company Highlight Continued

We feel that Irdeto is the strongest player in the market because of our ability to offer end-to-end solutions that truly meet our customers’ needs in a rapidly changing market place. Our technology is amongst the best on the market, and the flexibility of our solutions allows operators to obtain real value from the delivery of content to consumers.

For example, in the last year the Apple iPad has emerged as the hot device for “anytime, any place” premium content consumption. To the pay-TV operator, this is an opportunity to extend its brand and value as a content provider to the users of this new generation of devices. We have been one of the first in the market to help our customers realise this opportunity with the Irdeto Broadband solution, which has helped many operators around the world to maximise the value of their content via secure content delivery to any device platform, including the iPad and iPhone.

However, the same promise of “any time, any place, any device” video consumption that presents a huge opportunity for operators also presents a significant challenge when it comes to meeting studio requirements for securing premium content over the Internet for playback on portable devices. The popularity of the Apple platform, combined with the lure of premium content such as HD movies, creates an attractive target for the hacker community. In this environment, content protection becomes critical to the ongoing financial viability of a streaming video service. To combat the ongoing threat of digital piracy in this new video ecosystem, Irdeto’s Cloakware Platform utilises a Security Lifecycle Management approach to protecting digital assets throughout their economic life.

The combination of our Broadband and Cloakware solutions is a world-leading offering that is enabling our customers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technological advances. We are striving to ensure that we will continue to provide the best solutions to meet industry needs now, and in the future.

Content submitted by Irdeto.

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