Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Company Highlight: Irdeto's biggest challenge

The biggest challenge for Irdeto is helping our capitalize on the opportunities that new technology and consumer trends mean to their business. The key hurdle for operators and content providers is meeting the increasing consumer demand for personalised content anytime anywhere on any device. We at Irdeto call this the Media 3.0 environment. Creating an offering that meets these needs will be key to success in the coming year.

This demand is a result of changing viewing habits. As consumers spend more time simultaneously using TV and Internet in the home, content providers have the opportunity to tailor future media recommendations to the consumer’s individual content preferences.

Social networks are starting to replace traditional electronic programming guides as consumers lean toward engaging with personal contacts that they trust for content discovery and recommendations. Operators must maximise the opportunities presented by peer-influenced viewership, particularly in today’s competitive market where new Internet-enabled content platforms like Google TV, YouTube and others provide the consumer with a social and interactive viewing experience. Doing so will enable them to further monetise their assets by helping consumers make the bridge between their connected social life and TV viewing habits.

At the same time as becoming more reliant on social tools to discover content, consumers are transitioning from owning physical media and digital assets to owning rights to use digital content resident on their web, PC, portable media device, etc. A vital part of creating a profitable Media 3.0 environment is ensuring that users can access all their content across multiple platforms. This means that the traditional model of running broadcast and broadband departments as separate entities will no longer be viable.

We believe that a meaningful operator strategy for delivering content across multiple devices means a unified approach over a single infrastructure for all screens. This contrasts with most operator approaches today, where the rush to be the first to offer content over multiple devices has seen a siloed strategy for each internal division across the broadcast and new media or broadband departments.

Irdeto is committed to helping our customers overcome this challenge by ensuring that content delivered to multiple platforms is secure, assures content monetisation and protects revenue streams. This in turn, gives operators the flexibility to develop new solutions, such as social content discovery tools, that help secure loyalty in the existing customer base and attract new subscribers.

Irdeto's VP of Broadband and Media 3.0 Strategy, Christopher Schouten will be speaking on Extending the Video Experience to Multiple Screens panel at 11:30 AM on November 16th at the CONNECTIONS Europe Summit in Amsterdam.

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