Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ng Connect Program - Company Highlight at CONNECTIONS Europe

Laureen Cook represented the ng Connect Program at the 2010 CONNECTIONS Europe Summit in Amsterdam on November 15th.

Their strongest player in the market...

Mobile broadband networks are enabling virtually every type of business to connect with their customers and with other businesses in new and exciting ways. Through extensive research into emerging markets and the development of novel solution concepts, ng Connect is working to accelerate the delivery of applications, services and devices over next generation networks, such as LTE. ng Connect is comprised of over 50 companies from a multitude of industries including founder Alcatel-Lucent, industry leaders like Samsung, HP and Atlantic Records, and innovative start-ups including FISHLABS, SIGNEXX, and Total Immersion. We are the first and only consortium bringing together such a diverse group of industries with the sole focus on advancing the adoption of next generation services.

New products...

Applications for next-generation mobile technologies encompass a great variety of industries - from media companies, to consumer electronics manufacturers, to others you may not have expected, such as automotive. Take the retail industry for example – thanks to next generation wireless, retailers and advertisers can now work together to deliver rich media and enable relevant purchases right from a connected device, such as a digital kiosk or a mobile phone. Through ng Connect’s Solution Concept the LTE/4G enabled 2-Way Video Kiosk shoppers would be able to interact with a real person via a video conference chat while on the sales floor and get additional information on products before making their next purchase. ng Connect now has more than 14 solution concepts in a wide variety of industries including e-healthcare, automotive, e-learning, gaming, entertainment and so much more.


The ng Connect Program was founded on the premise that the rollout of new technologies, such as LTE, can open the door to an enhanced user experience only if new applications, content and devices can take advantage of the features and capabilities of these new technologies as they are rolled out.

Traditionally the members of the digital media value chain have operated in loose association with other members of that value chain. This isolation or "working in silos" against their own business plans often resulted in a less than optimal end user experience once all the parts of the digital media value chain were strung together. Disparate business models resulted in a failed business case for one or more members of the chain. This effectively hindered new services coming to market, achieving mass scale adoption and positively contributing to profits. ng Connect’s mission is to accelerate the time to market and drive the adoption of next generation services so that everyone in the value chain benefits.

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