Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Connected CE Interview with Allegro's Loren Shade

Thank you Loren Shade for participating at the CONNECTIONS Summit at CES held on January 8-9, 2009.

What do you see as key limitations to UPnP and DLNA? How does the work of your companies address additional needs on top of these standards?

DLNA 1.5 standards do not currently address content synchronzation between portable media players and house-based media servers. While DLNA 2.0 guidelines will address these issues, we work with key customers to solve these issues ahead of guideline release. Similarly, we have a number of set top box customers who will want to resolve Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and Scheduled Recording Service (SRS) issues prior to the release of the corresponding DLNA 2.0 guidelines.
Is your “Remote UI” work compatible with the CEA 2014 standard?

DLNA 2.0 guidelines are still not frozen, but it appears that CEA-2014 will the primary interface standard for Remote UI. Allegro will provide CEA-2014 support, if another interface standard is chosen as the primary, we will provide CEA-2014 support as a secondary item.
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