Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Revision3 - Follow up Interview on Social Media

What is your advice to brands who want to participate in the social media (i.e., companies social networking sites, posting comments on third-party blogs, etc)?

My advice to companies wanting to participate in social media is to simply get involved, start today, no matter how small. Sign up for a company twitter account, start a blog (revision3's blog)- whatever. Just get the socialization with your audience/customers rolling in some form or another. You don't need to be an expert or do everything under the sun. Just start with one thing and build from there. Just by having a presence on Facebook or Twitter or having a blog will be a step in the right direction and it will give your customers a place to go to interact with you. Then once you're interacting balance your needs with the needs of your customers. Don't be afraid to ask what your customers want from you. What sites do they use, how do they want to interact with you and then listen and act based on this valuable feedback.

How can the effectiveness of the social media advertising be improved (form the publishers’ perspective)?

Effectiveness of social media can be improved with advances in agreed upon metrics, so that we're working off the same concepts and numbers. Additionally the continued adoption from the general public of the participatory lifestyle that social media provides.

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