Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Telcordia's Customer Support Interview

Thank you Bill Stanley of Telcordia for participating at the CONNECTIONS Summit at CES!

What additional features or services will you be looking to implement?

Mobile for handsets, laptops and PDA/smart-phones

Which organizations and standards do you view as critical with whom to work today?

Broadband Forum, TM Forum, HGi, IMS Forum, OMA, ATIS HNET

As you push into international markets, what do you see as key opportunities and challenges?

We already operate in international markets and first and foremost, need to understand what is different and what is same. Some things translate very well from domestic US markets including some technologies, some methodologies and some market dynamics. But many of these do not. It’s important to know the differences on all 3 levels so as not to take a mis-guided approach to international markets. One example is the difference between Telco and Cable operators globally. In the US, the Telco’s and MSO’s have nearly 50/50 share in broadband deployments whereas overseas, Telco’s have a much higher percentage of the market. Another point is to be aware of the prevailing buying practices when selling to Network Operators overseas. These will vary from country to country, region to region.

As you look to partner with more players, what do you see as their key needs?

Channel to market. Service providers represent a huge market opportunity for wares in the Customer Care space yet selling to Service Providers means partnering with them. Channels that have established relationships with the Service Providers are critical to success.

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