Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ServiceShield™ 3.1 sets a new standard for home and small business network management --

At the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opening on Thursday January 8th, Enure Networks, a global provider of home network management software, announced the release of ServiceShield™ 3.1, a revolutionary consumer-grade tool capable of completely automating the setup, security, configuration, repair and management of broadband home networks. By providing a reliable and controllable network environment, this software is aimmed at becoming an enabler of the next generation connected digital homes.

Setting up a home network, managing network security, enabling printer sharing and solving problems can be overwhelming for non-technical users. With ServiceShield™ 3.1, Enure ensures dependable, consumer grade home networks that are easy and fun to use. ServiceShield™ 3.1 is offered to consumers through partnerships with leading internet service providers, consumer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturers, premium support vendors and other strategic partners (such as internet security vendors) who wish to enrich their consumer offering with affordable, automated support packages.

ServiceShield™ 3.1 builds on the objectives of Enure’s product offerings, namely ease of use and reliability. It lays the foundations for the digital home where pictures, videos and music can easily and conveniently be shared across the network.

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