Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wireless Networking - SiBeam's VP responds to follow up panel questions

Thank you John Marshall, Vice President, Sales & Marketing of SiBEAM, Inc. and Chairman of the WirelessHD Consortium for your responses.

For purposes of our blog, can you please reiterate the range at which your solution is most likely going to be used?

WirelessHD is an in-room solution for uncompressed, lossless video streaming that operates at full HD rates of ~4Gbps at a distance of 10m.

Can you explain “lossless compression”? How would you answer the criticism that you’re compromising the quality of the video with expensive and proprietary solutions?

Traditionally, the industry has regarded any compression technique above 4x as lossy. However, 2x and 4x compression ratios are typically regarded as lossless.

As a follow-up, is “wireless HDMI” really a term that can and should be used to describe these solutions?

This is not such a good term since no wireless technology today emulates true HDMI. That said, WirelessHD is the closest in that it streams uncompressed baseband video and supports control commands just like HDMI.

What are we realistically looking at for BoM costs to implement your solutions? What is your expectation going forward for where we’ll see the BoM costs?

As the Chair of a special interest group, we don't traditionally discuss pricing. We leave pricing discussions to our adopter and promoter companies to review when launching products.

How does your solution play internationally in light of regulatory or other restrictions?

60GHz is an interference-free, unlicensed band worldwide. Worldwide regulations permit the use of 60GHz in consumer products.

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