Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES features latest consumer research

Parks Associates forecasts mobile broadband to exceed 140 million U.S. subscribers in 2013, creating new convergence opportunities for fixed and mobile services --

Consumers are growing more sophisticated in their purchasing habits for electronics and services, even as they rein in their total spending, according to international research firm Parks Associates, which will host the CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES on January 8-9.

CONNECTIONS™ Summit will take place at CES in the South Hall, Rooms 106-107, and feature sessions with over 50 executives discussing new and future business opportunities in networking, entertainment services, social media, consumer electronics, and home systems. Parks Associates’ analysts will also present key research findings at the event.

Parks Associates forecasts 4.5 billion mobile phone users worldwide by 2013, with many people using these devices as gateways for entertainment services, community information, and social networking. The increasing importance of the mobile phone will affect other product and service sectors. For example, over 100 million femtocells will be shipped worldwide in 2013, cumulatively serving over 300 million subscribers.

CONNECTIONS™ Summit at CES features 10 sessions, including Wireless Networking; Advanced Video Services; Customer Support; Social Media; The Changing CE Purchase Decision; GPS Technologies; Connected Consumer Electronics; Digital Photo Frames; Connected Game Consoles; TV 2.0; and Home Systems.

Sessions feature executives from the following companies: ActiveVideo Networks; Affinegy
Allegro Software Development Corporation; AMIMON; AT&T; Avenue A Razorfish; BigBand Networks; Bunchball; Cisco; Comcast; Control4; CSR; D-Link Systems; Ensequence; HD-PLC Alliance; Hitachi USA; HomeGrid Forum; Icron; Intamac Systems; Intel; Kodak; Logitech; Macrovision; MediaUnbound; Microsoft; MoCA; NDS; Orange – France Telecom NA; PlumChoice; ProVision Communications; PUCC; Qualcomm; Radialpoint; Revision3; RMI; Samsung Semiconductor; Sony Computer Entertainment America; Sony Electronics; support.com; Synaptics; Telcordia; Tele Atlas; TeleNav; thePlatform; TZero Technologies; WirelessHD; and Zilog.

CONNECTIONS™ Global Sponsors include Platinum Sponsor HD-PLC Alliance; Gold Sponsors DSC, Macrovision, and MoCA; and Silver Sponsors ActiveVideo Networks, Affinegy, Icron, ProVision Communications, Telcordia Technologies, and Zilog.

Parks Associates will be at booth # 25556, South Hall 2, Ground Floor, during CES. For more information, visit http://www.connectionssummit.com/.

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David H. Deans said...

Can't make your event this year, but I've covered the Summit in today's Digital Lifescapes headlines