Friday, January 16, 2009

Consumer Electronics Panel Follow Up with Robert Eisses of Icron

Thank you Robert Eisses, President & CEO, Icron, for a quick response to these panel follow up questions!

How do you ensure quality of service with your solution?

Icrons technology supports a QoS based Flow Control and Switching to ensure quality audio, video, and I/O support. This is built right into the chip.

What do you see as key limitations to UPnP and DLNA? How does the work of your companies address additional needs on top of these standards?

A key limitation of DLNA is the lack of PC application support. Linking to the PC, users certainly wish the content from the PC but in many instances are looking for applications such as IM, Email, Gaming, etc. on another device such as the TV. DLNA does not support this nor does it have an easy path to add this. Icron’s technology allows for the full transmission of the full PC functionality form the PC to the TV, all content, applications, and full Internet support.

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